Georgios Valotasios

March 20th, 2022
Parcel 2 as static site generator

Felt like doing an update to my outdated website and ended up changing the whole generation of the static pages.

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May 8th, 2017

Lately I came across a problem for which the standard Promise's api wasn't enough. I needed something like Promise.all but I had to make sure that the actions array will get executed in sequence

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March 19th, 2016
Testing RxJS

When you hear for a new technology, all you want to do is just to use it. This is how my experience with RxJS started a while ago. It is for sure cool, but also a new way of thinking. Just like anything else new, you are going sooner or later to hit a wall. After grasping myself to find which sequence of operators whould do the trick, I tried to just test the thing.

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April 13th, 2015
Better $routeProvider for AngularJS

So, you just did your first angularjs webapp and are ready for production. And then comes the requirement that before initilization you have to do an ajax request. There should be an easy way to do that right?

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